Camping Phase 1

Goal:  To create a ‘good enough’ space to rent out to individuals or small groups for wild camping. Only facilities will be a toilet. Nice to haves under this phase are running water, clean running water and a basic shower.

Complete: When we have a steady flow of bookings for wild camping producing an annual turnover of £x


Goal: Become specialists in growing a particular crop that has a high value. Sell into local pubs, restaurants etc.

Complete: A stream of regular orders for our product, producing an annual turnover of £x

Self Sufficiency

Goal: To have created efficient systems that allow us grow most of the food and raw materials we need to feed ourselves and our animals.

Complete: When we are only buying 20% of our food from the supermarket

What do we need to do to get there?

  • find out what we need to comply with the 52 day licenses AND APPLY

    What do we need to do to get there?

    • Test our soil
    • Identify crops that match our growing conditions

      What do we need to do to get there?

      • Finish beds
      • Add soil
      • Plant something

        To Do Lists

        1. Obtain a camping license
          • Read response from Swansea Licensing and figure out what to do next.

          • Create plan of what goes where:- Blank Map of Tan-y-graig


        •  Find conditions required to grow Asparagus, Samphire, Mushrooms and Bamboo and write a plan
        • Order Soil Testing Kit


          • Identify plants with a high value
        • Lesson 2 of Permaculture Course
        • Finish Bed 1
        • Weed around allotment shed
        • Erect fence
        • Move stuff to and from Tan-y-Graig for Winter
        • Start Permaculture Course
          • Find free courseDone 
          • Complete the first lesson

        House Stuff

        • Outdoors
          • Install outside gate
        • Bathroom Project
          • Get Tiles out
          • See if we have enough grout & adhesive for tiles
          • Order grout, adhesive and self levelling compound
          • Measure bathroom
          • Make shelf for washing machine
        • Workshop
          • Build Shelf
        • Indoor – other
          • Guitar Hooks
          • Order spray gun for Kitchen chairs