Nestled on the westernmost ridge of Graig Fawr and only around 10 minutes walk from Tan y Graig lies the remains of 2 burial chambers that are estimated to have been built and used during the Neolithic period (between 4,400 BC and 2,900 BC).

It is likely that they were used by the local farming community and would have housed numerous bodies over a long period of time.

Discovered in 1989, there are two tombs which are just 3m apart. They are made up of two groups of upright, leaning and fallen upright slabs of local Pennant sandstone along with traces of cairn material. The chambers are likely of the Cotswold/Severn ilk.

The tombs were likely built at different times. The first was made using upright stones and then covered with earth, the second appears to use the outer wall of the original tomb in its construction and is finished with boulder walling. Both tombs included two chambers, multiple compartments and would have been finished by covering them with a mound of earth.

  • PRN (Primary Record Number): 00924w
  • SAM number: GM513
  • Grid Reference: SN6084006200