Can I bring my dog?
Camping in wales

Tan Y Graig is surrounded by sheep

This is something you’re going to want to think about very carefully. Tan Y Graig is right in the middle of farming country, we made the mistake of buying a herding dog and it’s a constant nightmare so we are speaking from experience.

Farmers have guns and WILL shoot a dog who is worrying their sheep. Shooting dogs is not uncommon here so please understand this is a very real danger. If your dog kills a sheep you will end up with a criminal record and up to £1000 fine.

If you want to bring your dog and you are in any doubt as to their reaction to livestock we would recommend a harness (it’s easy to slip a collar), a long line and a heavy-duty dog anchor. Don’t take any chances, the consequences are just too high.


Can I Camp in my Campervan?
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 Campers on Tan Y Graig

The answer is yes, BUT, you need to be aware of the risks:-

  • The track is rough as hell and pretty narrow in places (complete with drop!). Whilst it’s fun navigating it in our Bongo, and even more fun going backwards, you probably wouldn’t want loved ones in the car at the time. You also wouldn’t want to attempt it with a low profile vehicle.
  • If there is enough rain a couple of days prior to departure, you may not be able to get your vehicle out of Tan Y Graig and onto the track.This means we will need to ask Dylwin for help with his tractor which he will do for the princely sum of £50 cash per vehicle. This service comes with a guaranteed Welsh time guarantee of ‘in a minute now’ which roughly translates to ‘at some point in the future’.
Can the kids come?

Tan Y Graig is surrounded by sheepTan Y Graig is an amazing space for kids with plenty to explore and discover. There are even a few flat spaces for wide games, although it is on a hill, so games like rounders can take a little time and patience.


As with any land, there are potential hazards including a fast-flowing stream, uneven ground and some rotting trees so you’ll need to be entirely responsible for your children at all times. There is also an asbestos roofed barn, but we tend to keep that area filled with nettles and bracken, and will make everyone aware upon arrival.

What about rubbish?

We are really happy to help you recycle, so you can simply clean your recyclable rubbish and pop it in the relevant bins. Left-over/ off meat can be burned and we can compost pretty much anything that is organic and meat-free (including cooked food). Meat can be burned off in the campfire.

Unfortunately, we have no allowance for non-recyclable waste so we would encourage you to remain conscious of this when you’re shopping as you will need to take your black bags away with you.